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Your Personality Revealed: A Comprehensive Guide to the Modern Analysis of your Handwriting

“Your Personality Revealed” introduces a fully modernized handwriting analytical process, the first of its kind to be published in over 10 years. It is written for both the serious graphologist and those who are merely curious about what their handwriting says about them.  It discusses over 120 different personality traits and provides real-life examples of what they look like in handwriting. The book has one of the most extensive discussions published to-date regarding worrisome traits and how to recognize them. “Your Personality Revealed” brings handwriting analysis into the modern age by explaining how to use computerized statistical analysis to make your personality profiling more standardized, less error-prone and highly reproducible. It provides guidelines for assessing trait interactions and how to write standardized-format reports. The end-to-end process presented in this book has been field-tested and has received very positive reviews from people who have been profiled. This book is a must-have addition to your handwriting library.